New England large Masonry vent

Radial Flange is 1" wide x 3/8" thick.

    price:  $120
Bottom flange is 34 1/2" (long) x 1/2" thick.
Vertical height through the center of the wheel is 13". Measurements squared are 13" x 34 1/2" 24 lbs.     Plus shipping
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New England small masonry vent

Radial Flange is 1" wide x 1/2" thick.

    price:  $100
Bottom Flange is 25" (long) x 1/2" thick.
Vertical height through center of wheel is 12 1/2".     Plus shipping
Measurements squared are 12 1/2" x 25". 20 lbs
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large Oval foundation Vent

    price:  $110
          171/2"x 9",depth is 31/2" outer decretive flange is 2 1/4",  adding to overall measurement! (22 x 14 inches)
 -Cast Iron-     Plus shipping
 -Color shown is antique.
  -This hardy vent is beautiful, and is to be laid in with your mason work. Can be used as a vent, or a decretive piece in a retainer wall.  28 lbs.   


small Oval Vent

     price:  $100

12 1/2"x7 1/2",depth is 31/2", outer decretive flange is 2 1/4".

-Color shown is antique black.

     Plus shipping

-This vent would make a beautiful piece in a retainer wall, or a tile project.

-Cast Iron 18 lbs.-

       price:   $75

Classic Brickwork masonry vent

15 1/4"x 7 3/4"

-This piece is Cast Iron, weighing 16 lbs.

     Plus shipping
-To be used as a foundation vent.
-Fits in brickwork for Pre-construction or retrofit.  17 lbs.  

Overall outer dimension 9 3/4x 17 1/4


Georgia Victorian      price:   $70

This Fancy casting weighs 18 lbs.

and is 11 1/4" x 20 1/4".

Outer Flange is 3/8" x 3/4" thick.      Plus shipping
Design is 1/2" thick.
18 lbs  

12x24 Vent Grate masonry vent


    price:  $60
This vents measurements
are designed to fit brickwork!     Plus shipping
Simple and easy for your mason!
Actual size 11 1/2" x 231/2"  11 lbs.  
 Ask about our  powder coating options !

 The vents on this page made to be inset to your mason work. They are installed using mason methods.

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